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7153 King George Blvd.
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Roxbury Tech


Roxbury Tech

What Sets Us Apart
What Sets Us Apart

What sets Roxbury Tech Solutions apart from other tech shops is the awesome services provided by our amazing and knowledgeable staff. We try in every instance to take our customer service above and beyond what you would expect from a tech sales and repair shop. Come on down to Roxbury Tech Solutions and see for yourself.


Our Services

Sales, Repairs, Unlocking...Oh My!
What We Offer

Products For Sale
Not just a repair shop, we have a great selections of new and used computers, mobile devices, laptops and video game systems. As well as a host of available accesories including batteries, controllers, name it! Lenmark, Dell, Lenovo, Razr, XBox, Play Station, Nintendo.....we have it all. Come on down to find your hidden treasure amongst our amazing deals!

Computer Repair
Computer not running as it should? Sluggish? Or simply wont power-up? No problem. Bring it down to Roxbury Tech Solutions, where one of our knowledgeable staff will diagnose your system to determine what the problem is. Once determined, they can inform you of the costs associated with fixing the problem. Fees will vary depending on the complexity of the system, what the problem is, and the steps and potential parts needed to fix it.
Computer Repair

Device Unlocking
Roxbury Tech Solutions has quickly become the go to source for unlocking and repair of your mobile devices. Got big plans for your phone? Let our skilled staff unlock that stubborn phone for you. Cracked screen? No problem. We can get that screen gleaming beautiful digital color and restored to it's former glory in no time. Bring your device in to us and we will assess and let you know what options we have for you.
Computer Repair

Game System Repairs
Gamers! Roxbury Tech Solutions didn't forget about you. From freeze-ups, to performance issues, even back to the Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death, we got you covered. If you are having issues with your gaming system, bring it on down to Roxbury Tech Solutions. We'll perform some diagnostics on your system to get it back to running in peek performance. Many times we even get the the systems to perform better than they did originally!
Game Repair


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